Nyhetsbrev Juni och foton från Israel & Etiopien / Newsletter June and photos from Israel & Ethiopia


Nyhetsbrev 11-06 Klicka på denna länken för nyhetsbrev på svenska

Newsletter 11-06 Click on this link to get the newsletter in English

Megan after getting kicked out from Boombamela, the New Age Festival

Woman from the Philippines to whom we got to give this painting to and pray and prophesy over.

All of us that went to the Boombamela Festival plus the Filipno woman we met on the beach there.

On our five hour drive through the desert to get to the festival we drove past the Dead Sea.

Orthodox Jewish family in the Old City in Jerusalem

This woman used to be a famous model for a clothing company in Israel. Through modeling she got addicted to drugs which lead her into prostitution. A while before we can to the shelter where she used to come her and her best friend had been in their apartment having withdrawals cause they couldn't get enough money for drugs. Her friend tripped out cause her body needed the drugs and she beat this woman to death with an iron rod.

This is where the women can get a chance to sleep and get rest during the day.

The basement where the shelter is is very moldy and run down but David who runs the place is trying the best he can to make it look nice and welcoming

At the Door of Hope they had a small beauty salon. Sadly this old brush was all they had there for the girls to make themselves feel beautiful.

The stairs is the entrance for the shelter and in the back to the right is the beauty area. On the fridge the girls can put up pictures if they want to to make them feel like they have a home.

This is the alley where you can find the entrance door to the Door of Hope shelter. On the door there is a big sign that reads: "No sex here"


Traditional Ethiopian Woman


Woman mixing spices


The Team


Simone, a girl from the YWAM kids home after a face paint session


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  1. Starka bilder och berättelser…

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