Ethiopia Praise Jesus Story

Hello family and friends, I thought that the last update was gonna be the last one but Jesus had in His mind that we would finish our outreach with a bang so I needed to write and tell you all what happened. As I wrote before we have been going to visit homeless people that live under a bridge and we have been going back there several times since they have asked for Bibles and clothes. One man was especially on our minds. His name is Yosef and he comes from a rich background but when he became a Christian his muslim family threw him out and he now lives on the street. He wanted a Bible so desperately so we really had it on our hearts to give one to him. Could you imagine living on the streets and suffering like that cause of your faith in Jesus and then not even having a Bible to read? Last Friday it was our third time there and we still hadn’t found Yosef again and we feared that he might have been one of the many people that the government had cleaned up and taken to work in the jungle. Before we went we were praying that we would find him and that God would give us other diving appointments. When we got there Yosef was nowhere to be found so we sat down with a group of about 8 other men and we started to share with them about The Holy Spirit and about Jesus. More people started to gather and some of us started to pray for them since some of them were sick with HIV. Many of them men already knew Jesus but after some time I asked if there was anyone that wanted to receive Jesus that hadn’t before and if they wanted to be filled with the Holy Spirit. One man raised his hand. His name is Samuel and we got to pray with him to receive Jesus. It was amazing. I have never seen a persons face literally change. He had a sad countenance before but after the prayer he had a huge smile on his face and during the rest of our time there he was a lot more talkative and he was laughing. It was so cool to see. While this was happening two other people, one young boy and a man came to some of the students that were praying for the sick people and said that they also wanted to receive Jesus they were just too shy to put up their hands before when the question was asked. So these two people also got to receive Jesus that day. Yey, what a party in heaven! We also met a man who is Ethiopian who promised that he would take these people to his church. So praise Jesus for that as well. It is hard for them to find a church cause not a lot of churches around here would accept them because of they way they look and their poverty. We stayed for a bit longer and then it was time for us to leave and so we did. We had handed out all the Bibles we brought with us which was good but we were still sad that we hadn’t found Yosef. But God has a good plan. After about ten minutes of walking we hear a man shouting after us. We turn around and it is Yosef. The first thing out of his mouth is: Do you have a Bible for me? He wanted one so bad. Since we were close to our house by this time we invited him to come and have dinner with us and one of the youth from the orphanage gave Yosef his Bible since we already handed out all of ours. It was beautiful to see. We also took up an offering for Yosef so that he could pay a deposit for an apartment cause if he has a place to live he can get a job. During the evening he got to talk a lot with an Etiopian woman that lives with us. She is an amazing woman of God and I think she encouraged him a lot. The next day we went back to the bridge again and had a small Bible study with the men from the day before. It was good to see them again and we also brought some food for them. We got to pay for two bus tickets for two men that needed to go and visit their families and Samuel still had a smile on his face. It was a good day. The only sad part was that we wished that we could have done more for them. They kept talking about that they needed jobs and shelter but that they didn’t know hos to get it. And there was nothing we could do. I guess it just really showed us that the two handed gospel is so needed. We need to help people to come to Jesus but also with their practical needs. All we could do was pray for them but I know God cares and He will open a door for them. One of our translator that were with us shared his testimony cause when he was a kid he had lived in the same spot as they were living now. He got taken to the jungle but escaped and after some years some YWAMers found him and took him to the YWAM orphanage where he now lives. I hope his story encouraged them. Thank you all for reading and sharing in ours and Jesus’ joy over these people. See you all soon in California. Love, Paulina, Philip, Lea, Sarah, Alissa, Justine, Karman, Audrey and Marissa


~ by springishere on June 5, 2011.

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