Ethiopia Update 3


Only one week left. It feels so weird.
But we have had a great time here and many of the girls have grown very fond of the 22 children at the YWAM orphanage where we are staying. Two nigths a week we are doing a Bible study with them which has been going very well. It is such an awesome opportunity to be able to disciple the boys and girls here. They all have crazy stories of how God brought them to the orphanage. It is amazing to hear about how God has saved all of them from the hopeless situations they were in before. We praying a lot for them that when they grow up and are ready to leave the orphanage that they will still follow God with their lives.
We have also continued to help put at different feeding programs around the city and we have had chances to preach and lead worship at different churches and youth groups.
And we are all looking forward to this last last week cause we will be doing a lot of fun and interesting things. These are some of the things we will do:
On Thursday we will visit a dump where YWAM has a house for teenage girls where they can learn different trades. The team will share testimonies and about a relationship with Jesus encourage the girls about how valuable they are to God. We have also started to do several murals at the YWAM orphanage and we will finish them this week. We are also teaching at a school again and in a youth group.
On Friday we will return to an area where a lot of homeless people hang out. We have been there twice before and have been able so share about what God has done in our lives and we have taken some people out for lunch to treat them as the sons of God that they are, to give them dignity again. Some of them asked for Bibles and we went and got some but when we returned a few days later the police had been there and taken all the homeless to the jungle where they are forced to do slavery work. They do this frequently but this time it was because the prime minister was gonna come to the city and they wanted it to look nice for when he got there so they cleared up all the people that they thought would make the city look messy. It is horrible to think that people are being treated as trash and cleaned up and taken away like garbage. We are praying that when we go back in Friday that some people will have returned and that the ones that were hiding from the government would have emerged again so that we can give the Bibles to the ones that asked for them.

Besides that God has done so much in our team. We have all grown so much and we thank God for the different challenges we have faced that have drawn us closer to Him. Thank you so much for all your support and prayers!

Paulina, Philip, Justine, Karman, Alissa, Audrey, Lea, Marissa, Sarah


~ by springishere on June 1, 2011.

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