Ethiopia Team Update 2

Salamno friends,

I don’t know if I spelled that right, but Salamno, that’s how you greet
people in Ethiopia.
And if you go here, you’ll greet people all the time. The people here are so
friendly and hospitable. It is amazing.

We have enjoyed our first week here so much. There has been some hardships
in the team with adjusting to the differences in being here compared to
being in Israel. God is also doing major things in the student’s personal
lives, which is amazing, but that can also be draining and not always an
easy process. Please be praying that everything that God has started to do
in our team would be finished according to His will.

We basically live at the YWAM orphanage so we have spend a lot of time just
hanging out with the kids and loving on them.
One afternoon we did program with them that Sarah had planned out. We did
crafts with the kids and sang songs and then told a Bible story. Then we
split up in small groups with the kids. They are all ages from 1 to 18 so we
split them up according to age. And in the small groups we taught them about
hearing God’s voice. It was amazing. A lot of the kids got to heard God’s
voice for the first time and they got to pray for each other and listen to
God for their friends. It was incredible how clear and accurate things they
heard from God. The teenage group also had an amazing time. Philip and
Justine and Alissa got to share their own experiences about hearing
God and hos He has worked in their lives and they go to pray for some
of the teenagers that wanted more of God. They were so open and they
also shared about how they have been seeking God in the past and
basically it was just a great time of encouragement.
We have also had opportunities to go and help out with other ministries
such as Hope Enterprise which feeds a couple of hundred people a day. There
we got to serve food to street kids and to elderly and other poor people. We
also got to visit a Mother Teresa home a we will probably go back there to
serve the sick there. It was a very hard experience going there for the team
and seeing the things we were faced with there. It is hard seeing so many
people in one place suffering with very serious illnesses or
handicaps. We also got to teach English at a school one day.
On the days when there hasn’t been too much planned we have prayed and
asked God about what to do. Like yesterday, we felt that we were
supposed to buy sandwiches and juice and hand it out to the beggers on
the streets. And it turned out to be a great experience which we will
do again next week since we got invited to go back to a bridge where a
lot of homeless people live. They wanted us to come back and give them
Bibles and new shirts.

So thank you all for your prayers and support. Keep praying for us
these last two and a half weeks. We want to finish the race well.

Much love,
Paulina, Philip, Alissa, Marissa, Karman, Justine, Sarah, Audrey and Lea


~ by springishere on May 21, 2011.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this, Paulina!

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