Israel Team Update 4

Leaving Israel!!

Hi beloved ones,
In only a few hours we will leave Israel. It is with mixed feelings we leave. We have all been moved by the people and the things we have encountered here in the land but at the same time we are looking forward to what is to come.
This last week here have been en eventful one. We have gotten to share our testimonies and lead worship at a the church of one of our contacts here in Israel. They really appreciated our willingness to do it and said that it really encouraged the rest of the congregation. We have also been able to continue some relationships we have built at our hostel which have lead to some good conversations and deepened relationships.
The favorite thing for most people though have been going to the red light areas in Tel Aviv and also to a day shelter for women in prostitution. It has been very moving to see these daughters of God being in this situation also accompanied with heavy drug abuse. One afternoon when we were out handing out hot drinks and sandwiches to people on the streets in an area where most heroin addicts and prostitutes hang out, the drug dealer came during our visit there. It was a crazy sight to see. People flocked around him like flies and immediately stared taking the drugs he brought. It was like seeing animals devouring a dead animal. We had to leave cause the of the tension of the situation but it made us all realize what at stronghold drugs can have on people’s lives. It was hard to see people that are created in the image of God being degraded to something that didn’t even seem human. We later saw one of the women from the street at the shelter and she was so bad off that we had to call the ambulance to come and pick her up.
I think all of us left from that day dedicated to keep praying for the women we met and the people that are faithfully reaching out to them.
Brandon and Kirsten and their daughter Shiloh have also joined us this week on a pastoral visit. It has been really good for the whole team. They have been such a refreshing wind for us. And the students are doing really well and we are all trying to daily encourage each other and build more and more love and unity in our team. Many people around us have commented on how unified the team seems and about the willingness to serve that our students have. And it is so true. They have all done amazing in all things. I am so proud of them as their leader.
I am short on time so I need to stop writing now. But thank you all for prayers and support.
Paulina, Philip, Karman, Justine, Marissa, Alissa, Lea, Sarah and Audrey

~ by springishere on May 12, 2011.

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  1. Tack för dina berörande ord.

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