Israel Team Update 3

Hi family and friends,

Our time in Tiberias went fast.

Half of the team was there for a few days serving with our contacts. Most of what they did was handing out information to people about who Jesus is and what Christianity is. When people think of Christians here they think of very orthodox Catholics and not so much a personal relationship with God Himself. So it is an important thing to inform people about that Jesus is not a religion but it’s about knowing Him intimately. I know the team got to grow a lot as they were facing the challenge of doing something new that they have not done before and maybe never thought they would do.
While they were in Tiberias me and three of the students, Sarah, Lea and Marissa, were at a retreat for a missions organisation here in Israel.
We got to do children’s ministry during the weekend. It was awesome since I guess it’s not very often theses missionaries get to meet together all of them so they were very happy that we could entertain and teach their children so that they got to have time to get refreshed and built up.
We loved hanging out with the kids and it was also interesting to get to talk to some of the people that have served in this country for most of their lives.
On Monday morning last week we met up in Tiberias with the rest of the team and we continued with the ministry there.
One of our favorite times was when we got to walk around in an Arab neighborhood and hand out Bibles and information about Jesus. It was amazing!
We all got invited in to several homes and got fed, sometimes full three course meals. They are so hospitable and it was such an awesome opportunity to hear people’s life stories and to be able to share with them about Jesus in an environment they felt comfortable in.
After the week in Tiberias we moved on to Tel Aviv and we have been here now for three days.
We are working with a couple of different contacts here. One of them is a church that has a coffee shop where they serve free AMAZING coffee and it’s a place to sit and talk and share about Jesus and get to know people. We have enjoyed that a lot so far. We have also helped out to cook and serve food for a soup kitchen which serves about 130 people. This was also an amazing experience. We really saw Jesus in the eyes of the poor as they got to sit down around nice tables and be served by us as if in a nice restaurant. One night we also got to go to the less nicer parts of Tel Aviv to reach out to the heroin addicts and prostitutes on the streets. We got to pray for some people and speak truth over them and hand out hot drinks and sandwiches. It is crazy every time you see girls your own age in awful situations like this. These two experiences were very touching and eye opening for a lot of the students and we are excited to go back to the street to love on people again with God’s love. Please be praying that people would receive His love for them.
And on a personal note. The girl I got to talk to when we were on the streets, her name is Tali. She is an Italian Jew, 24 years old and she is so beautiful it broke my heart to see her. I found her outside laying on a piece of cardboard outside of a couple of sex clubs. When I sat down next to her I could tell that the whole place she was laying in reeked of urine and other not so pleasant things. The first thing we got to do was to pray for her cause she had pain in her body and she immediately started crying and her whole body was shaking and I could feel the presence of God so much. She shared her story with us and I got to tell her how loved she is by God and that she is a princess and a daughter. She felt so shameful about the situation she was in that she didn’t think God wanted anything to do with her and she thought she couldn’t believe in Jesus since she is a Jew. But I got to tell her that Jesus is the same God as the God of the Jews and that He came so that she can freely come to God even though she has ended up where she was. I could tell she listened and she said she wanted to keep in contact over internet so I got her contact information so I am praying that that will work out. Please pray with me. As we walked away my heart just broke for her. It is so wrong that people have to live that way. Please pray that she will call on the name of Jesus and see Him coming to her rescue.
Thank you all for your prayers and support.
Paulina, Philip, Audrey, Lea, Marissa, Justine, Alissa, Sarah and Karman

~ by springishere on May 6, 2011.

2 Responses to “Israel Team Update 3”

  1. Det här är underbart! Tack för att du berättar för oss, Paulina!

  2. Fantastiskt! Det skulle vara spännande och roligt att få ert team in action. Kram.

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