Israel Team Update 2

Yet another week has gone by and much has happened.
In Jerusalem we have continued to spend a lot of time in intercession and worship in the mornings as well as learning about Israeli culture and history. The evenings have been spent downtown Jerusalem talking to people about the Messiah and praying for people.
The team have been amazing at coming up with different creative ideas of how to draw people in to our family and into conversations.
They are amazing girls.
So it’s been going well and Jesus healed a man’s knee the other day which was amazing and many of our conversations have been very frutiful.
The biggest thing for me personally have been when we have told Jewish people that we are here to pray for Israel they get very surprised cause what many of them have learned is that Christians hate the Jewish people. So it has been very good and healing to be able to share with them that we love them because we love Jesus and Jesus loves them. People have been absolutely astonished, jaws litterally drop when telling people this. Being in Jerusalem has really laid a good foundation in all of us for the rest of our time in Israel. We have learned so much and we are ready for what God has for us in Tiberias och Tel Aviv.
Mine and Marissa’s time at Boombamela, the New Age festival, also turned out great thanks to Yeshua. Too many things happened to share them all in this little update. One of the first things that happened was that we got followed everywhere we went by a religous group which later had us kicked out from the festival by the police. This turned out to work out to our advantage since we got to witness to a lot of people about Yeshua because of that. The rest of the time we spent doing creative expressions of who God is, mainly through painting. This also went extremely well as many people, both Jews and Arabs came to see our art and we got to give away some of our pieces after explaining what we felt God telling them through the art. We got ti share the full gospel with a lot of them as well and many responded well and we gave them Bibles and encouraged them to go home and ask God if Jesus is the Messiah.
Yesterday half of the team went to Tiberias to join a couple that is working up there. As you might have heard we are going to Tiberias insteas of going to Ashdod since the congregation in Ashdod couldn’d receive us anymore due to persecution. Me and the other half of the team will join them in three days after we are done doing children’s ministry at a church’s retreat.
Please keep praying for us. Pray for unity ib our team even though we are apart for a few days and pray that the fiery love of Jesus would burn in our hearts for His people.
More art outreach/worship
My student Marissa did this painting which we ended up giving to a couple we met
Propetic Painting with an audience
Talking about Isaiah 53
Meditating on the scripture with two Israeli guys





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